Why does life have to be so difficult?

Kiara Vestigium

for my friends Corinne Barber and Alicia Göpner


I don´t know what to do

I don´t know whom to love

But deep down I want to be with you


I´m sorry for what I did

I´m sorry for what I said

And I know this doesn´t fit


Maybe I was too blind

Maybe I was too angry

But YOU were ALWAYS kind


I thought she was right

In the brightest light

But now I know

That she´s only soso


I can´t say more

I know you won´t give me a second chance

I´m standing on the shore


I give you one last kiss

Knowing well that I´ll miss

Only YOU

And no one else


I have to go


I love you



-And with these words the tom sprang looking back at his ginger mate.-