There is no name for this poem

Kiara Vestigium

in remembrance of my beloved grandpa


I´m sitting here


I hope It´ll last forever

Having fun with my friends

I hope it won´t stop ever!


I´m going home


I greet my mum - see the tears in her eyes

I ask what´s going on Oh god!

Why do you have to ask for that price

Is anything wrong?


She stays silent

Don´t want to share

What´s hidden in the darkness there


She tries to speak

I walk up to her

Hug her - try to comfort her


I´ve never seen her cry

Until today as she said her good-bye

She finally says that one last sentence

That one that´ll ruin everything


The joy, the happiness - Everything gone

Only the sadness that´s going to come


I know that it will last for ever

This wound can´t be healed never

Not from medicine, not from time

I hope this won´t last for ever


I hope he´ll come back to us

I hope he´ll be standing at the door

But he can´t - he´s lying on the floor


On Tuesday I´ll see him the last time

In a black shiny coffin

Going down to the black earth

Where he´ll never be seen again


All this

And much, much more

I thought as she told me

That one devestating sentence:


"Grandpa died tonight"


There were hot tears burning in my eyes

Oh god!Why do you ask for that price?


All this and nothing more I will be thinking nevermore

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    Franzi (Freitag, 14 Mai 2010 16:50)

    Oh, wow this is awesome. Very emotional and touching. My grandpa died tonight, too. But - and that feels so weird - I am not very sad, cause I'd never really known him well. He had never time for us or interest in us.
    Nevertheless, your poem is very "nice".

  • #2

    Juicer Review (Montag, 29 April 2013 16:52)

    This post was exactly what I was looking for!