Kiara Vestigium


Sometimes you just wish for the simple things in life

A pretty flower
An old photograph
A kiss
A praise
A look into the eyes you wanted to see the most


Sometimes you just wish for the peaceful things in life

A walk through a forest
A stress free day
An hour of reading your favorite book
A single cloud in the sky
A soft melody in your head


Sometimes you just wish for the hopeful things in the world

Former enemies hand in hand
The first flower after a long winter
Rain in the desert
A sunray breaking through stormy clouds
Dawn after an endless night


Sometimes you just wish for the things that make you smile

A word after long silence
A kiss after a quarrel
A hug after an ocean of tears
A splash of water on hot day
A wink of a sweet guy


Sometimes you just long for the infinite things

The music in your head
The sea stretching to the horizon
The circle of life
The uncountable stars in the night sky
The universe


Sometimes you know these things will be in your heart.