Short Poems

So here I'll put some of my short poems. Meaning here will go all the thoughts, spontanious ideas, favourite verses and philosophical outburst.

Feel free to scim through them and read whichever you want. They don't have a real order; well the ones I like more will be on top :) and at the end I put 2 of my German perceptions so if you know a little German go and read it.

Also I sometimes linked one of photos which goes with the poem or on which the poem was based. Simply click on the link.


Mabe you'll find a favourite.



Maybe we find a solution

Maybe we find a way

'Cuz there is so much emotion

But I think that is okay.




Not a single star is seen

By my golden eyes of sadness

Only the salty taste of water

On my reddish lips of joy

(from "Mystery Horses") 




Watch over the world, make it better

So it's a better world tomorrow when we awake

Than it is tonight when we go to sleep

(nach 11.07.2009, vor 24.02.2010)




For everyday

A sunny ray




Hmm, poetry

What is poetry?


everything is poetry

that comes from the heart.


YOU call poetry

IS poetry.


Everyone sees poetry

in a different way.

and you'll see it

your way





Rain (12.05.2010)

Rain does magic.

Rain does good.

Rain does wonder.

Rain does what it should.


To the nature.

To the people.

To the creatures.




Time is spinning

Like a fast wheel

Time is flowing

Like a river to the sea

We can do nothing

Nothing to stop it





Harbor of the broken dreams

Every day thousand dreams are forgotten, lost, destroyed. And what remains of these broken dreams is coming to this harbor to be taken down by the gleaming orange sun to the deep, silent sea.

(19.07.2011) - there's a photo to this "story": [click]




Dream of a world beyond (21.07.2011)

dream of a world beyond

beyond your horizon

rising up behind the dunes

tunes are luring you

to a world

a world beyond

beyond your imagination

Dare to dream!




Pathchangers (27.07.2011)

Some thoughts evolve into words

Some words evolve into sentences

Which then evolve into talking

Talking evolves into conversation

and some coversations change

        the path of somebody's life




What is it which they call freedom?
What is it which they call paradise?
To whom belongs the jungle-kingdom?
To whom belongs the arctic ice?
Who is to credit for the boredom?
Who is throwing the dice?




Autumn is on it's way.
The leaves are turned away.
Orange, red and brown,
Falling to the ground.

(13.10.2012) - actually there goes a photo with this "poem": [click]


Hier meine deutschen Meinungen, "Erkenntnisse" was auch immer ;)




Wir tun doch alle nur so. Wir spielen nur. Wir sind die besten Schauspieler auf der Welt, denn selbst unseren eigenen Gedanken können wir etwas vormachen, so dass wir nicht mehr wissen, was wahr und was falsch ist.

Kv (Januar 2010)




Manchmal rede ich viel, aber ich kann auch gut zu hören, den Leuten, denen ich zuhören möchte, bei denen es mich interessiert, bei denen es einen Unterschied macht.

- KV (Januar 2010)