Mystery Horses

Kiara Vestigium


The ocean rushing in my ear

Nothing there, only water

Not the faintest trace of noise

Only the ocean rushing there


Darkest night everywhere

Only the moon shining bright

Behind the clouds

Is this right?


Not a single star is seen

By my golden eyes of sadness

Only the salty taste of water

On my reddish lips of joy


I don’t feel lonely

In this scenery of ocean

I am not scared

In this darkest night of nights


My hair is blowing in the wind

Tugged towards the sea

As if some invisible hand of motion

Wants to pull me to the ocean


I hear hooves approaching

But I see no rider on the beach

I see no horse behind me in the dunes

I only hear a melody of tunes


They’re soft tones in my ear

The opposite of the hard thuds o the hooves

Some silent melody it plays

But then they make hard moves


The surface of the water

Is disturbed by tiny circles

And the grumble of the thunder

Not far away – no wonder


Finally I see three horses

Mane flattering in the wind

Nostrils blown, eyes scarlet red

Galloping over the sea


Three black Frisian playing in the night

A deadly, evil game the play

With foam on the mouth

And sweat glittering on their pelts


Their red eyes staring at me

As if they don’t want to share

This mysterious dark place

That was hidden here for care

The lead stallion rears up

As if he wants to warn me

For the last time, to never come back again


Then the three turn around

Giving me one last glare

With their scarlet eyes

And vanish into the darkness


The ocean rushing in my ear

Nothing there only water

Not the faintest trace of noise

Only me, alone again