Just love

Kiara Vestigium

for a very special person from my childhood


The sun rises up the sky

I don’t know why.

If I had my way

There wouldn’t be one ray.

There are tears in the corner of my eyes

For what I have done - it is the price

Why do I have to be

So - so cowardly?


I could have talked to him

But I couldn’t even say "Hi"

Why - why am I so shy?


No boy ever looked at me,

Not even he.

Now the light is dim

And I’m waiting just - just for him.


I know that he won’t come,

This all is just my fantasy.

If - if only it could be



I only think why aren’t you mine,

Always when I see his smile,

Sun - sun begins to shine.


I just love him

And nothing more.

If - if there wouldn’t be these things of yore!


Maybe I should tell him now,

The best thing he’ll say is "wow".

But what if he doesn’t like me?

Oh, why - why am I so cowardly?


I could write a letter,

Or would a mail be better?

I could sing a song,

So he knows that I belong

To - to him!


I’ve made up my mind.

I won’t stay silent,

Even - even if I have to go to Highland!


My friend said she would help.

Maybe he’ll melt,

Maybe - maybe he’ll see,

That I’m actually not that cowardly.


I’d see his smile

Not only for a while

I’ll kiss his cheek

And together - together we won’t be weak!


If only my dreams came true

And I would be two

But dreams will stay dreams,

Or at least - at least it seems.


Will you think about it?

Only - only a bit?


Just for me?

So I’ll see,

If there is a "we".


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    voll-schraeg (Dienstag, 12 Mai 2009 15:15)

    Deine Seite ist auch voll cool...
    schau doch auch mal auf unsre seite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Centrifugal Juicer (Freitag, 12 April 2013 19:15)

    I shared this upon Twitter! My buddies will really like it!