How it could have ended

Kiara Vestigium

inspired by Twilight by Stephenie Meyer


This face, so beautiful and wild

It’s glittering in the sun

The black eyes reflecting the longing,

The hunger fro blood.


One single scarlet drop

Is sparkling on his lips

And two reflected stars

Are dancing in his eyes


He’s smiling an irresistible smile

White teeth behind the lips

Sharp as a blade

Deadly at the first bite


His eyes, searching for something

Rushing to and fro

Between me and something behind

What if he’ll choose me?


I feel the blood pulsing through my veins

I beg my heart to beat more quietly

So he won’t hear it - but it doesn’t


I hear the wind rustling in the trees

While his hungry eyes are pinned on me

He makes a step, then another

His mouth speaking strange melodic words


I feel myself relaxing

Knowing that the end is here

As his muscles tense

And he jumps at me


I hear a soft voice whispering my name

“You had a good life, so now come and share it!”

My thoughts are whirling, telling me to run away

But my body is unable to move


I feel his teeth meeting my skin

Warm blood is running down my neck

As he is quenching his thirst with it

Slowly I feel black closing around me


I wake and feel light – light as a feather

There is no darkness – only in my heart

I see a face – more beautiful then anything

And the pain of missing it will always be there

Even hear in the light