© Uschi Dreiucker/pixelio
© Uschi Dreiucker/pixelio

Kiara Vestigium

inspired by my friend Valerie


Rain drops sparkling
Falling down from heaven
Just as my tears
Are streaming down my cheeks


The heaven is crying
A duet with me
Both because of love
That was failed so long ago


The rain wets the streets
As my tears wet my cheeks
Rain washing away the dirt
Tears can't delete memories


A drop caught on a leaf
Glittering in the sun
Seems to be the universe
Of my not so sparkling life


For you a drop is water
For some a drop is life
For me each drop is a unique wonder
Fascinating my heart to strive


Maybe there is a secret
About rain and tears combined
But I don't care about it
As well as space and time


In the end there is big difference
Between my tears and rain
The rain will do some good
My tears are just for vain


Sometime the rain'll stop falling
Sometime my tears will dry
The rain will be forgotten
My tears never in a while