Kiara Vestigium (27.07.11)

For a special person


Conversation started it all

A new feeling between a girl

And a boy, not yet called love

Though compassion is not enough


Sitting in the same boat

Wind and Rain singing it‘s note

But the girl was warm

Due to the boy‘s (ch)arm


Their friendship turning to more

Unsure whether it was right

To soar in unknown heights

And boarding adventure flights

Or if walking along well known paths

Was for what she had to ask


She chose the latter

For she dreaded hearing

Her heart scatter

Into thousand pieces


Though when she saw him in misery

She pondered upon her decisionery

Concluding she had been wrong

And had wanted him all along


Now wanting him felt like a crime

Wishing back the stormy time

When she‘d played an undecided part

But had had warmth all around her heart