Kiara Vestigium


Nothing broken
Nothing torn
Just the coldness you've worn
Is hurting me
Is freezing me
Is eating me from inside

You don't see it
You can't feel it
'Cuz you're wearing
Your coldness
Like a jacked
To reject me

Why are you doing this?
Why to me?
What have I done?
That I can't see

Nothing broken
Nothing torn
Just my heart you've thrown
On your marble floor
To shatter into
Thousand pieces

You kiss me
In front of the cameras
But don't you see
That I'm breaking
At your coldness
At your icy kisses

I'm breaking
I'm being torn
I'm freaking out
Just because of your damn coldness

Nothing broken
Nothing torn
Just me sitting on the floor
Crying, dying
Because of you

You've done
So much bad to me
And still
I love you
How on earth can that be?!

Nothing broken
Nothing torn
Nothing valuable
Nothing irreparable
Just my heart
Just me

Coldness everywhere

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Kommentare: 2
  • #1

    adalieanime (Donnerstag, 19 Februar 2009 18:55)

    ;) Love it! I haven't read this one yet. I decided that I want to start drawing manga now so I'm starting this website that I'm signed on as right now.


  • #2

    Kiara (Samstag, 21 Februar 2009 19:00)

    It's so nice of you that you came around!

    Then I'll take a look at it of course! ;)