I'll put all the important news here - so take a look at it :)


I added a new category "Short Poems". You can find it under the "Poem" tab. I tend to write short poems and sayings but I never published them. So I thought I'd make a site just for those.

I know that there are a lot of them. But therefore you won't need as much time to read one as you would need for the other poems. I hope you enjoy them.



Yea, uploaded three new poems. Well actually I've been working on clouds for ages. I was searching for the last perfect line and now I've got it!

and the other two aren't really finished ... something is not right with them, but I'm still figguring out what.


So Today I decided to make this site English. Through and trough English.

For all my German fans - don't be disappointed you had to understand the English poems this or that way so it shouldn't be much of a challenge for you.


I also tidied up the site a bit. Like deleting the old news, making a new "about me", putting the philosophical Somtimes to the poems and there'll follow new banners for link me - also in English and the best thing: new poems are on their way :)


Today my homepage went officially online.

21.10.08 - the Birthday of my page!