About Kiara

Just some hard facts about me:

I am definitely a cat person. I really like taking my camera for a walk when I have time which is far too seldom if you ask me. I like piano music because it's really calming and has a nice old touch to it. I do have too many books and not enough time to read them all hwich is a real pity for I love the solace of the sweet silence and a good book. I am not a profession at writing and I fear I will never be since my talents lie in the scientific field, however, I enjoy writing.

Currently I am studying Molecular Medicine - which leaves me even less time for all the other activities. So please bear with be.  


You certainly want to know how I came to writing poems, well then read on:

I started to write poems when I was 13 the day my grandpa died. Since then I've been writing about 4-8 poems per year. I could write more, it's just that I don't have that much time besides school. Furthermore I like to use my phylosophical-mood for writing the poems. And this mood comes when it wants; usually in the late evening but not regularly.


For me there are different types of writing a poem:


- the direct way (very rarely): I write the poem from first word to last one and it's finished-> intuitive

- the swop things around way (common): I write some verses and then change their order till it suits me

- the rhyme way (often): I try to find a rythm and rhymes

- the philosophical way (sometimes): Something philosophical comes to my mind and I write it down as a text or free rhythms (e.g. Sometimes)

- the story way: I think of a story and then write a poem or rather a ballade


->The forms are nearly always mixed (except the direct way, that one stays direct).


That's it.


Have a creative time